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Jongor Hire

Jongor Hire

Carilo are part of the outsourced Jongor team, providing designs and layouts for numerous clients and events around the country. Events such as the Open Golf or Aintree are on green field sites so involve track way, water & waste tanks, ramps and other structures, where as permanent sites such as Excel, Twickenham or Earls Court, all having different logistical issues to ensure are dealt with.

A picture speaks a 1000 words, and this is certainly the case in location set ups. A plan drawn to scale enables all involved in the event whether it be the structures company, plumber, electrician, furniture supplier, lighting and the event caterer understand exactly where everything is to be located, and how much space they have.

For Goodwood Events, this involved over 60 drawings for the Revival, Glorious and Festival of Speed, so from an organisational perspective run virtually continuously, with setup, event, breakdown and setup for the next stage running from July – September each year.

Plans for Olympics’ 2012 in permanent buildings were required so that LOCOG could set out all the services infrastructure ahead of the Jongor catering equipment installation – every service outlet was dimensioned in empty rooms both at Excel and Earls Court for this major event.

Events are not just limited to the summer, with many setups plans for the Christmas Party season, Winter Olympics’ and Rugby World Cup.


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March 30, 2015